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Måns' ICA Christmas album commercial!
ola - måns; efterfest
kenzimone wrote in swedish_pop

Original video here in case the embedded one doesn't work.

Jerry: Stig, I have a friend who's recorded a Christmas album. Can we put it up for sale in the store?
Stig: ...Jerry, you mean we're supposed to put your friend's Christmas album up for sale? In the store?
Jerry: But it's Christmas.
Stig: Okay, fine. Just put them down in the far corner, and we'll fix it.

Stig: But...! Jerry! Jerry, didn't we agree... Oh. You're Jerry's friend?
Måns: Yes, that's right. I'm the one who's recorded the Christmas album.
Stig: But Jerry, why did you put the albums over here?! They're supposed to be in our very best spot! Have a some gingerbread [men]. Come, I have something to show you.
Måns: Uh. Thanks.
Stig: Jerry's friends are my friends.

"Buy Jerry's friend's Christmas album. 10 kr go to Childhood [charity organization."

Not as good as EMD's, but I take what I can get. :)

Also: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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maybe it's just me interpreting it completely the wrong way, but I'm kinda surprised they'd actually go that far...you know...assuming that the CD is crap because it's the retarded guy's friend...? Even if it's not the way it's supposed to mean (which I'm really hoping and assuming it's not) it's still easy to kind of go there unintentionally in your mind, because of the way it's set out, no?

but either way..just so very awkward and wrong..the ICA commercials are just going downhill imo..they stopped being funny a long time ago (apart from EMD's lol ;))

Haha, I never even thought of it that way! To me the commercial was all about Stig being close minded and Jerry being awesome or something. IMO, the awkwardness was all on Måns' behalf, because he really didn't seem to embrace the commercial like EMD did (and it didn't look like he was having fun, either).

well it's pretty much the same thing isn't it? or why else would he be close minded about the whole thing?

yes totally! Måns was SO awkward! it was kinda like..I could totally imagine that scene playing out the exact same way if it had happened irl! it was that kind of awkwardness, you know? though perhaps that was the whole, idk haha :P

Maybe I explained that too luddigt - I figured Stig was hesitant because he figured it'd be a lousy CD recorded in someone's shed/basement and why would he ever want to sell that in the store?, not because it was Jerry's friend. I don't know. I'm getting more uncertain the more I try to 'analyze' the commercial. :P

I think Måns is too straight laced to handle the improv that was needed to make the commercial work. I don't think Darin would have been any better. Ola, though, he'd probably have nailed it - he's seems as carefree as the EMD guys do!

aaah I see. Hmmm...well in all fairness, I don't think the commercial is meant to be analyzed at all really :P haha

I think you hit the nail on the head there. Definitely.

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