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Oh my goodness. What?
ola: what?
singinggroves wrote in swedish_pop

This made me giggle, cringe, scratch my head, and admire how good looking they all are. When their teeth are clean, that is.

Alltid lika fruktansvärt fräsch.

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Haha))) That's really funny, video is shot very well, could be their new music video, shame that album is postponed :(

i know! i'm really excited to have new music from danny and emd, whenever that comes! :)

...This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Oh my gosh, E.M.D. doing the As Long As You Love Me chair dance!

i know, i LOVE seeing do the real boyband thing: dancing. they do it so well. and i dont' mean stupid eurovision dancing, i mean like imitating bsb. haha.

what is this for though??!?! what is going on in this song? why are their teeth brown? why do they talk about brushing their teeth? and are those clean teeth at the end the dentures they were wearing when they had clean teeth in the interviews?

i feel like you when you watched that mans and maria haukaas storeng video. hehe

Haha, oh that Måns and Whatshername thing confused me. :P

From what I can tell, this is some sort of public service thing about the importance of brushing your teeth. I don't know how much of the Swedish you caught, but basically it's a mock documentary about the guys telling the story about how they were traveling around the country and then one day they lost their luggage. Since they didn't have any toothbrushes they figured eh, let's just stop brushing our teeth altogether ('We identify with the lions. They don't brush their teeth. We're lions'). And then 18 months later their teeth fell out and now they have to wear dentures.

I can't figure out why they made this. We don't really do PSAs in Sweden. XD

oh my gosh, that's so funny. i figured they were telling people to brush their teeth. i couldn't figure out what they were saying though, no. but i'm flattered that you think i could pick up the gist of what they were saying.

if it was written i probably could've understood more. :P


what's a psa?

and i have en frågor:

what does änglavakt mean? as in giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt, giv mig en änglavakt! (i'm listening to välkommen hem right now, while i type up my paper about the swedish worldview. ^_^)

Haha, I have no idea how fluent you are when it comes to Swedish. Part of me's all 'hmm, I better explain this' while another part goes 'oh, Leslie's basically native already'. XD

PSA = public service announcement.

[flera] frågor: plural. [en] fråga: singular. :D

Word for word, änglavakt is 'angel guard'. It's basically when angels watch over you: 'Jag/du hade änglavakt' would be 'Angels were watching over me/you'.

...Darnit, now I want to break out the Christmas music!

(wow, this comment is random :P )

psh, i should've just moved fragor up before my other question about the psa.

hahaha. i wish i was basically native. lol. oh man, that feels like a compliment though. thanks.

i actually have no idea how fluent i am either...

jaaaa. i thought that was a compound word but i didn't see an S in the middle and thought well.... i don't know.

yeah that makes sense.

i know, it is random huh?


love it XD it's so random, and very funny!

i know, i can't stop watching it. :D i especially love how danny seems to take to that style of music and dancing like a duck to water.

had to watch it again before I posted the comment and I can't get over how much bsb this is! lmao!

and yes! you're so right about Danny! especially him! they can try to deny it all they want, but they are a boyband and they love it! ;D

and omg haha! i just noticed how that one clip is supposed to be from 1996 and that makes it so much more funny!

i knooow, i love it so much. i can't wait until their album comes out!! and then MUSIC VIDEOS!!

danny is so cool. i'm just falling in love with him over again.

seriously, I'm so mad at them for delaying this album so much! i don't get it :S

They've become like Ola..releasing lots of singles but never a full album...I can't believe we only have ONE album from them (okay, I totally do not count välkommen hem, though I guess I should haha)

Danny is always cool. and awesome and perfect ;D hihi

i'm okay with the wait actually. but it'll be good to fall in love with them again when the CD finally does come out!

hahaha. ohh, that long, dry, annoying ola period.

i know, right? they're so popular! we need more stuff!

yeah he is. and always will be. :D *danny love*

well no more waiting! the CD comes out next friday :P Though I'm not really that excited for it. *shrugs* I mean, we don't even know what songs are gonna be on it :S It could all be crap, you never know :P and I'm not really in the mood for Erik and Matte atm tbh, I just want Danny :P

and while on the subject of mood, I'm so NOT in the mood for Ola atm. I'm actually kinda annoyed with him. I don't know what is going on, but I'm really anti-Ola right now :S it's so weird.

Ok, I just watched this. I completely forgot to the first time I saw it posted, hahahaha.

I loved it. They all look so good. Even Segerstedt. (It made me feel a little bad in the beginning when Danny says "high five" and only high fives Matte, LOL. Erik just stays there with the freakin' stick :S)

haha, i knooooooooooow, right? that's actually what i meant when i said they all look so good. erik. mmm.

he's not so bloaty anymore. i was looking at old pictures and saw just how fat he was.

lol. it looks like a ruler.

you think erik looked fat before? whennnnn? when he had the semi longish hair?

i watched a video from a performance in june i think, i completely forgot he has one blue and one green eye. lol.

yeah, here:

ewww. he looks so gross there.

waaaaatt? he has two different color eyes? THAT would explain why i couldn't for the life of me figure out what color his eyes were. what video was that? i looked at some pictures and totally saw that.

that is so cool. :D

oh, yeah, i can see it now.
that picture isn't even that old! he did look gross. ewwwwwwww.
danny and matte are always flawless.


speaking of danny and flawless, i passed this gay guy today, he was all manicured and whatnot. he reminded me of danny. and i was like, ooo he dresses like a popstar. and i realized that it's more like danny dresses like a gay man.

but europe is more fashionable than the US anyway. or at least in a different way. haha

for some reason the picture you posted won't open here :S

here's the vid:

you can see it clearly when they close up on him.

omg that makes me hate erik even more! he's stealing my thunder. I'm supposed to be the only one around here with two different eye colors! ugh! he's just a copycat ^^ LOL

you have them too? omg. hahahahahaa. now i feel all plaid with my hazel eyes :(

huh. For some reason I've never gotten this comment in my inbox :S and as I result, I've just now noticed it :P

Not that it is a hugely important comment or anything that MUST have an answer, but I just like answering everything ;) haha LOL. so yeah, I have two different eye colors :P Though it's changed a bit..it used to be one green and one brown, but now the green one is kind of very light brown, and the brown one is very dark brown. It's very noticeable though! People comment on it all the time haha. And it looks kinda funny :P haha but it's different ;)

haha well hazel is kind of...well at least it's not "black and white", with just one plain color ;) so it's not too bad haha. and it's pretty :)

that is so cool. seriously. ♥

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