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Okay, Vidspam!
singinggroves wrote in swedish_pop
I tried holding out as long as I could on this.

First, Darin just posted a lovely note on facebook that melted my heart:

"Just wanna thank you all for the nice and beautiful comments here, i really appreciate every word and i love you all!"

It's true love, I'm telling you. Because I've commented on his facebook recently. *tear*

Okay, and here are the videos:
Danny singing an AMAZING new song called "In Your Eyes," except I think it was done by some other artist called "Attic." His version owns anyway, so it doesn't matter. And apparently he's going to release some new stuff soon. First he should release that as a single!! I neeeed that on my iPod!


And here is the original version of Set Your Body Free, although I was reading the comments and stuff on this page and it looks like these guys took it from somebody else. Once again, Danny owns.


Danny dancing to a remixed version of Radio. Looks like his shows will feature more choreographed dancing. I actually like it better when he just dances spontaneously, it looks better. It's cooler.

Darin stuff: a nice, HQ recording of Darin singing Viva La Vida and You're Out Of My Life, acoustic.

And now, I'm off. Vi ses snart.

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WOW!!! Fantastic discovery about Danny, great version! I'm incredibly excited about if it's gonna be released.
Cheers from Swedish Stereo.

i know, right?!

it's good to hear from you, i just saved your blog in my favorites a couple weeks ago. it's always nice to be able to read about swedish pop in coherent english. :D

God, the first Danny vid makes me so happy. With the stupid dance and abs flashing and all. I MISS HIM TOO DAMN MUCH, OK. And I also need this song on my iPod.

i knowww. danny!! he's too awesome. he's going to last way longer than emd, that's for sure.

who's in your icon?

He certainly will.

It's Markus Rosenberg, Swedish footballer and one of my (many) men hahahaahahha <333333

okay I just saw this and now you've made me crave Danny! I want new stuff with him! that video was awesome and that song is really good! :)

didn't know Set your body free was a cover! their version was lame anyway :P haha

okay you could've warned me about him flashing his abs! nearly gave me a heart-attack! Ö ;)

HAHA! sorry. i thought about mentioning it but didn't find it important. the post was about the music. lol.

oh here's a smiley: Ü

I want a studio version of this! :(

oooooh I like that smiley! Ü (but I had a hard time making it! had to press all kinds of buttons before I got it right..kept making ~u and û instead :P hahahaha)

:D good old danny. i know that song is fantaaaastic.

i know, their version was STUPID.

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