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swedish pop

Swedish Rush

Swedish Pop Lovers, United!

TWO new music videos. Sweet.
ola: what?
First things first, the video for All Over The World is here. Very cool, love Ola's new platinum hair and the stuff with the backlights. The NY stuff is okay... there's some random partial-nakedness... But it's a... kind of... fun video.

Danny gives us something that Swedes do best: cheesiness. Srsly. Today on facebook he said, about the video,

"I've noticed that most of ya'll already seen the video and Im glad that you liked it. It was fun making it - we just improvised and had a lot of fun as we shot all the frames hehe."

And it looks improvised. And try not to die laughing about ten seconds in. Contains lots of super cool Danny dance movies and also... partial nakedness...

Måns' ICA Christmas album commercial!
ola - måns; efterfest

Original video here in case the embedded one doesn't work.

Transcript for those who don't speak SwedishCollapse )

Not as good as EMD's, but I take what I can get. :)

Also: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Christmas music from Måns!
ola - glomp
I'm bored, so let's have a post!

Måns is following in EMD's footsteps and teaming up with a charity organization to release a Christmas CD through ICA. It's big band, featuring Björn Skifts and Pauline, and song samples plus more info can be found at ICA's website.

It's already in stores, at least on the west coast (and the cover's shiny).

Someone should start a petition to have Ola Darin do this next year.

Also, have a random old video of Måns engaging in a kind of awkward make out session with Agnes for Christmas fashion's sakeCollapse )

...I can't believe we have an ICA tag. :D

So this is what we were waiting for?

This video is horrible and amazing at the same time. The green screen is horrible and the concept is all right, but could have been pulled off way better. But Darin looks like a Greek god, so that's good.

I'm watching this video again. Seriously, I think this video is more horrible than good. Who said that a color palette of pure cyan and pure red would look good? And then there's white and dead skin grey.

The beginning and the ending creeped me out though, which is great. I was hoping to react strongly to this video.

Hm. What do you think?

Ola vids
Danny ♥ Save Tonight
 Read more...Collapse )

THIS is so epic.
ola: marker scribble
I just love Ola. So much. And I want HQ pictures from this shoot. Right now all I have is the lame ones from Facebook.

And, is Olinho records the name of his new company? Can anyone verify that? :P

Oh my goodness. What?
ola: what?

This made me giggle, cringe, scratch my head, and admire how good looking they all are. When their teeth are clean, that is.

Alltid lika fruktansvärt fräsch.

Ola on Doobidoo
Ola ♥ Every little thing you do
I'm in a bit of a hurry here but here's the link to Ola on Doobidoo that was on SVT1 yesterday


It's very good! XD

and this clip as well :)


Time for some translating.
Want to take any guesses at what Ola's saying in the second verse? "I see the birds fly high and _______ but ain't got nothin' on me." 

Honestly, I can't figure it out. I thought it was time to have a big discussion.

Camp Rock 2 - Fire featuring Ola Svensson, Mohammed Ali och Endre Nordvik
bsb ♥ sing to me
Have you all heard/seen this one before?

Camp Rock 2 - Fire featuring Ola Svensson, Mohammed Ali och Endre Nordvik i det nordiska soundtracket till Camp Rock 2 - The Final Jam.