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ola: what?
Relevant Ola icon will never stop being relevant.

Just look at this.

That is the result of me googling too much, late into the night.


The Darin one is even funnier.

Okay, Vidspam!
I tried holding out as long as I could on this.

First, Darin just posted a lovely note on facebook that melted my heart:

"Just wanna thank you all for the nice and beautiful comments here, i really appreciate every word and i love you all!"

It's true love, I'm telling you. Because I've commented on his facebook recently. *tear*

Okay, and here are the videos:
Text cut to clean up your friends page...Collapse )

Busy news week I guess.
E.M.D.'s new kind of music video thing for "Save Tonight" is out today on MSN! It's very nice. Danny looks very gorgeous.

Here here here!

Adorable Duet: Måns & Maria Haukaas Storeng
I just happened across this. Its so adorable. And that girl is curvy! Heaven forbid someone with a real figure make it in the music business. :P I like seeing curvy girls.

"Lovekiller" News
I just found a the track listing for Darin's next album, (on this Darin blog) along with a small picture of the cover. I like it, it's connected to the single cover. And I'm glad Viva la Vida is going to be on there, along with the song from Melodifestivalen and Can't Stop Love. It's going to be a good one! I'm really excited. I wish I could pre-order it!

1. Microphone
2. You're Out of My Life
3. Lovekiller
4. Can't Stop Love
5. Drowning
6. Viva la Vida
7. Endless Summer
8. Be Careful With My Heart
9. Only You Can Save Me
10. Turn it Up
11. I'll Be Alright

By the way, "alright" is not a word. It's "all right."

Here is a link to his performance of Lovekiller at Allsång på Skansen yesterd- today. His performance starts at about 42 minutes.

Also, here are some good pictures of E.M.D. at Sommarkrysset.

Here's Darin's new single! Epic! Very Darin! And very Swedish with the choir in the chorus. I like the slight auto-tune.

I definitely need to buy some more Darin. I will absolutely buy his new album, which is out August 17. Going to look into Flashback.

Darin on Allsång again, featuring his new single!
darin - melodifestivalen
In case you guys didn't already know, Darin will be on Allsång på Skansen tomorrow evening (Tuesday 13/7) alongside some uninteresting people. He'll be performing Lovekiller (LoveKiller? Love Killer?).

senaste nytt!
Ola ♥ Every little thing you do
I went to Ola's website just a few minutes ago just to see if they'd have any news on when the video for Overdrive would be up. And I saw that they'd posted yesterday that it would be released on june 29th, realized that was TODAY and quickly went onto Aftonbladet to try and find it. It wasn't up yet but they did have this short little video:

As soon as I watched that, I went back, and there it was! Obviously posted just seconds ago! XD

So here it is, the music video for Ola's Overdrive! (There's a lot of running...lol)

I hope it gets uploaded to youtube soon cause I want to make gifs out of it, but I can't download it from aftonbladet :(

some more videosCollapse )

Some Darin-ness.
I don't know how many of you have seen this, but this is a sweet song, especially since he performed it for the royal wedding.

Also, Darin's 23-year-old head is balding.

Some EMD stuff
EMD ♥ Alone

EMD singing "you and me song" on a program about the royal wedding (a few days prior)


Another video, this one of Danny and Erik at RixFm where they are doing the "godfather test" by running around with a buggy and a hot cup of coffee and singing lullabies and guessing food (=is it baby food or not?) It's hilarious!


and that's the whole audio of the interview. about 20 minutes. I haven't listened to it yet though.

and also, this pic of Danny seriously made me laugh out loud!

he's seriously let himself go ;) hahahaha lmao!


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