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TWO new music videos. Sweet.
ola: what?
singinggroves wrote in swedish_pop
First things first, the video for All Over The World is here. Very cool, love Ola's new platinum hair and the stuff with the backlights. The NY stuff is okay... there's some random partial-nakedness... But it's a... kind of... fun video.

Danny gives us something that Swedes do best: cheesiness. Srsly. Today on facebook he said, about the video,

"I've noticed that most of ya'll already seen the video and Im glad that you liked it. It was fun making it - we just improvised and had a lot of fun as we shot all the frames hehe."

And it looks improvised. And try not to die laughing about ten seconds in. Contains lots of super cool Danny dance movies and also... partial nakedness...


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