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Måns' ICA Christmas album commercial!
ola - måns; efterfest
kenzimone wrote in swedish_pop

Original video here in case the embedded one doesn't work.

Jerry: Stig, I have a friend who's recorded a Christmas album. Can we put it up for sale in the store?
Stig: ...Jerry, you mean we're supposed to put your friend's Christmas album up for sale? In the store?
Jerry: But it's Christmas.
Stig: Okay, fine. Just put them down in the far corner, and we'll fix it.

Stig: But...! Jerry! Jerry, didn't we agree... Oh. You're Jerry's friend?
Måns: Yes, that's right. I'm the one who's recorded the Christmas album.
Stig: But Jerry, why did you put the albums over here?! They're supposed to be in our very best spot! Have a some gingerbread [men]. Come, I have something to show you.
Måns: Uh. Thanks.
Stig: Jerry's friends are my friends.

"Buy Jerry's friend's Christmas album. 10 kr go to Childhood [charity organization."

Not as good as EMD's, but I take what I can get. :)

Also: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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"Du, Cindy, beställ mer julskivor. Dom går åt som smör." :D

the first time I saw it I totally didn't realize it was Danny until they showed his face at the end! he did that good of an imitation of Ulf, imo :P

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