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Christmas music from Måns!
ola - glomp
kenzimone wrote in swedish_pop
I'm bored, so let's have a post!

Måns is following in EMD's footsteps and teaming up with a charity organization to release a Christmas CD through ICA. It's big band, featuring Björn Skifts and Pauline, and song samples plus more info can be found at ICA's website.

It's already in stores, at least on the west coast (and the cover's shiny).

Someone should start a petition to have Ola Darin do this next year.

Also, have a random old video of Måns engaging in a kind of awkward make out session with Agnes for Christmas' sake:

...I can't believe we have an ICA tag. :D

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when you said the cover was shiny i thought, Ooo, that's fancy and very Christmassy. and then i remembered shiny just means pretty. i love his crooner pictures. :D

haha i made that ica tag! last year! and that agnes commercial... haha. i saw another one for MQ. and i hate that song.

ooo. that song. heart heart. you guys know how to make good Christmas music. :)

I have to confess that I only added the shiny comment to mess with your head. :D

And yesss, Välkommen Hem is such a ridiculously beautiful song. ♥

haha. i love it.

"and the siny guy always worries."

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