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So this is what we were waiting for?
singinggroves wrote in swedish_pop

This video is horrible and amazing at the same time. The green screen is horrible and the concept is all right, but could have been pulled off way better. But Darin looks like a Greek god, so that's good.

I'm watching this video again. Seriously, I think this video is more horrible than good. Who said that a color palette of pure cyan and pure red would look good? And then there's white and dead skin grey.

The beginning and the ending creeped me out though, which is great. I was hoping to react strongly to this video.

Hm. What do you think?

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Haha, wow, new fetish: Darin covered in blood. Yikes. *fans self* I'm so morbid.

I kind of love this video to pieces. His best one so far, IMO. Darin in white - score! Darin in a suit - score! Darin being all dead and stuff - score! Hee. I'm all giddy. ♥

And yeah, you weren't kidding when you said the green screen was horrible! I could have done a better job myself! I was also going to say something about how the smoke reminded me of Who's That Girl, but then I realized that every single Darin video seems to remind me of Who's That Girl so I'm just going to shut up about that.

haha. yeah the blood part was pretty cool. you better watch it though. :P

haaaa. why do you think it's good? i think it's horrible, from the bad green screen to the badly paced storyline with a stupid climax and the awful colors. baahhh.

but yeah, he looked good in that white when he wasn't all cyan'd up or on the green screen. and the scene in the bedroom was probably the best one.

hah. are you emotionally connected to that video?

that was a good one. lovekiller would have been better if they'd at least put some slow motion in there. and his makeup!! who said that looked good?!

I don't know why I think it's good! To be honest my first reaction was 'wow, this is stupid' because the CSI women were all wearing high heels and the cloud thing was really bad, but then I kind of fell for it. Hard. :P I don't know.

I watched Who's That Girl again and realized that I drew parallels because Darin's dying/a ghost in that one too. Heh. But yeah, WTG holds a special place in my heart; Darin's ickle, totally girl obsessed/smitten, still got his braces, has awesome bangs, wears black and then white and is a ghost. I really couldn't ask for more. :D

I love that you're complaining about his makeup. He's dead. I think he's supposed to look kind of... bad. :D

haha. you have interesting tastes. they always surprise me. :P

oh yeah. except wtg was EPIC!!!! i had a sad face on the whole time i watched it. because i read one girl's comment right before, and she was like "ohh man the first time i saw this i CRIED!" so i tried to cry. i didn't. but still. man what a song.

oh yeah. hahahaha. well the first time i saw him in all that makeup (smink! what a fun word!) i thought it just looked awful and i didn't have context. baha

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