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THIS is so epic.
ola: marker scribble
singinggroves wrote in swedish_pop
I just love Ola. So much. And I want HQ pictures from this shoot. Right now all I have is the lame ones from Facebook.

And, is Olinho records the name of his new company? Can anyone verify that? :P

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Olinho records is the name of his record label, yes. And this video is incredible, I LOVE THIS SHOOT SFM!

oh, i just watched the video again. i saw an extra i in there, it's oliniho. haha whoops. it's all that talk about ronaldinho and stuff that made me see the H and the N together.

and if you find better quality versions of that shoot, please share!

and that is why it is named Oliniho...because of all the footballers with that kind of name..and because that was Ola's nickname when he was still playing :)

AWWWWWWWWWW! that's so cute!!

I'm curious as to what's up with all the shoes. Is he some kind of spokesperson or something? :P

*clears throat and speaks in an informative, authoritative, documentary!voice*

according to the poplife website, he has sneaker mania. :P aww.

Haha, oh boys. I can never understand the sneaker mania thing.

hotness overload. *brb. gif:ing the shit out of this one!*

and yeah, we SO need HQ pics from this shoot. Most of the ones on fb he's even photoshopped all funny. NOT COOL OLA! NEED HQ PICS NOOOOOOW!!!!!!!

p.s. icons please? XD

i actually made a couple new icons from this photoshoot. i meant to use one of them when i posted this entry. i changed it, the one i was going to use is there now.

and here's the other one i made.

both great ones! *thumbs up* :D

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