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Time for some translating.
singinggroves wrote in swedish_pop
Want to take any guesses at what Ola's saying in the second verse? "I see the birds fly high and _______ but ain't got nothin' on me." 

Honestly, I can't figure it out. I thought it was time to have a big discussion.

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I have no idea, now that you mentioned it. Need to listen to it closely *opens iTunes*

ALSO, we should discuss the incredible new album!

Check the album booklet, the lyrics will be in there :)

i don't have the booklet :( (as in: i only have the digital version of the album and not the album itself hahahaha)

do you have the booklet? :D

Well, for the record, I think he says, 'I see the birds fly high, and they were just like they got nothin' on me…' But I don't know what the actual words are, although if the UK postal workers would bother to get off their lazy backsides, I could maybe tell you…

hahaha! this is so funny.

i almost don't want to learn the real words now because trying to figure them out is too much fun.

Yay, postmen got their act together… sent me one of the two albums I PREORDERED!!! One week on? It's not right…
But anyways, the correct lyrics to this are… *drumroll*…
I see the birds fly high, and they wear suits but ain't got nothing on me

The booklet is RIDDLED with mistakes, punctuation, awful spelling mistakes, random capital letters… Ok so they're not English and don't know where all the apostrophes and stuff go, but they could at least proof read it to remove the silly little mistakes like writing 'nerve' instead of 'never'... arghh

HAHAHA! so those birds are wearing suits. that's hilarious. oh, ola.

i love how they have wrong lyrics in the booklets and bad english. it makes me laugh. but really, they should put the stuff through spell check!

thank you, jordan! did you preorder from one of the swedish sites? is the ola CD signed?!

Hmm yeah - I joked that I was going to e-mail his manager and hire myself as the booklet proof reader, but looking at it now, it would have been a good idea :P

Yeah I pre-ordered it from CDON, which means it's signed!! It's amazing :D

i think we should also discuss this wonderful interview!! :D



i don't buy the "i'm dating" crap. but maybe it's denial, HAHAHAHAHAA.

yeah, and i saw the other article where he said he wanted to meet "someone." :P

i'm SO proud of him starting his own record label!!! i just read that and my heart felt all warm and fuzzy inside. there's a good reason why he's my favorite.

even if he is gay i think i need to marry him.

right? i'm so happy as well. about everything... the new label, the new album (that sounds 194174914 timer better than the previous ones), the new relationship and, AWWWWW.

yes, totally. we all need to marry him, hahahahha.

i know!! i'm glad he's matured and found his sound, rather than singing just the crappy songs everyone else wrote for him.

this is where i start respecting him as a musician, more than just loving his sunshiny-ness.

haha. i'm in such a good mood right now it hurts. i can't laugh out loud because my roommate is napping, so keeping all the laughter inside is giving me a headache and my stomach hurts. HAHAHA. how is it possible that you can feel so good but your body hurts at the same time??

lol this three way conversation is epic.

'I see the birds fly high, and they wear suits but ain't got nothing on me'? O.o

...Oh, Ola. Haha.


i'm dead.

i was thinking it was "there were shoes" or "they wore shoes" or possibly that he was using the S word there. hahaha.

perfect ola icon will always be perfect. seriously.

'And they were shuuuue'? :P

I love that icon!Ola is in constant What?! mode, because real!Ola is pretty... What?! inducing.

YES THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HE'S SAYING!!!!!!!!! how could we have forgotten his word!?

HAHAHA. oh my gosh. now i'm dead.

he is. i was watching old ola videos yesterday, from idol. and i was giggling so much that my eyes were watering. actually i was crying. he's so cute.


...And apparently, even though the birds are looking pretty spiffy in their cocktail attire, Ola's even more GQ.

I don't even care what the real lyrics are, this is now my 'canon'. XD


hah. i can't wait to find out what he's really saying. i should be doing homework but i'm going to go research the real lyrics. and if i find them, i won't spoil it for you. this is too much fun.

Haha, I tried Googling for the lyrics, but it doesn't seem like anyone else knows them either.

And now I'm kind of curious. Does no one here own the CD/single?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA that's because ola is ON A HOLIDAY and that's what matters, not birds wearing suits and being fancy bitches! HAHAHAHAHAA

hahaha! where did you get the holiday part from?

Now I'm picturing him lying by the pool in some sunny paradise resort chatting to parrots wearing tiny Hawaiian shirts and sombreros! ♥

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